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The problem is...

Conservatives think libertarians are crazy. They worship the warfare state. They deride the idea of not threatening and invading other countries as "isolationism." They also view as holy anything in a government-issued costume that exercises coercion.
Many are older and dependent on government programs; They believe not dying before reaching old age makes them heroes and everyone younger than them owe them a living. They get irate about minorities and illegal aliens cutting in on their welfare state action. Stopping that is their idea of "limited government."
Conservatives have had their chance at an alliance with libertarians. They want libertarians to vote for conservative candidates, and expect nothing in return. Sit in the back of the bus or get thrown under the bus are the two choices conservatives give libertarians. That is their idea of alliance.
If there is never another neocon chicken hawk elected to office, that would suit me just fine. They have nothing to offer libertarians and that is exactly the deal they want to cut with libertarians. This is the same old song. Conservatives must believe libertarians are stupid as well as crazy.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson