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It sickens me

I'm a social liberal and a fiscal conservative who beleives in free markets. I was not welcome at dailykos for my economic views, and i'm clearly not welcome here for my liberal social views (WHICH ARE LIBERTARIAN).

But don't let me stop all the bigots from preaching.

If you people want the liberty movement to go anywhere, listen up.

libery and justice for all means just that, especially those who you do NOT agree with. You will never get the much needed youth to join enmasse with these archaic views of sexuality.

If it is wrong for the government to tell you how to spend your money, whether or not do do drugs, etc, then it is clearly wrong for the government to tell you who you can love and marry. By using religious fiction to back up your prejudiced beleifs, you are no better than the social conservatives and the neocons. You might as well just put an R next to your name and leave this sight all together.