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Comment: I'd like to see this ad

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I'd like to see this ad

I'd like to see this ad campaign go nationwide to get the discussion going on this topic.

I especially liked this post in the comment section below the article:

That's right they did lose battles defending themselves and their land and were massacred by our govt just a little over a hundred years ago. The govt then had Gatling guns, artillery, smallpox blankets, repeating rifles, unlimited ammo, etc.... to the Indian's percussion and flint lock rifles and limited ammunition. Just like our govt has machines guns, M61 Vulcans, MK19 s, drones, artillery, body armor, tanks, cruise missiles, etc...and we have semi automatic rifles, pump shot guns, and 22s. It was AFTER they were forced to give up their weapons that they were put in concentration camps and shuffles off to reservations. Is that a future you want for your great grand children?