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I have to note this

Most, I am comfy saying most, of the people on his message boards for his websites are the furthest thing I have ever seen from Libertarian minded people. I used to post at a little bit, but his followers and subscribers attack the hell out of anyone that is against foreign interventionism, non obstructionist about gay marriage, or seek personal freedom that hasn't been specifically granted in the Bible.

During the election season, the very reason Beck tore the living s hit out of Ron Paul was over the very fact that Ron was against all of the foreign interventionism that the government and Beck like to call "defending democracy" and other such BS definitions. Beck acolytes then went on to tear on Ron for everything. Becktards were happy to take up the "Progressive" mantra of saying 'racist, racist racist' AND MOST of those who follow and subscribe to Beck love our drug war.

So Glenn, you are coming into the house of the L's claiming to be one and you're not. You may have a few leanings this way, but it would be a good thing to bring your posse to the party because they have NO clue what you're talking about, this is a fact if you go read your own website's comments. I would specifically like you to get a historical read of an in particular poster you have called "Time to End The Ron Paul Campaign 2012", he is a perfect example of your base of subscribers.

Lastly, I would say there are some good reasons that you get rejected by the Liberty Movement. One, look at your indignant tone when you mention how many of us call you out as not ready or the L label. It's almost a pitchy whine and no one likes that and it usually denotes someone begging for something they want and others are not ready to bestow upon them. 2nd, your stance on foreign intervention needs to 180. Let the Middle East take care of itself. We didn't need to help Israel in the 6 day war and we don't need to help them now. Enough policing the world. Spreading American 'freedom' around the world is not democracy in action, it's Imperialism, period. We may have to fight some of these countries someday, but we don't need to continually start it all the time.

There are some main staples of being an L that must be attained before I will give you a hug for calling yourself one.

With all of that said, I do welcome Beck to continue striving towards Libertarianism. At least he is getting closer.