Comment: I used to hear how the Indians "trashed what we gave them"

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I used to hear how the Indians "trashed what we gave them"

The Nex Perce reservation began as this HUGE area, encompassing most of their ancestral territory. Then someone found gold on part of it, so the boundaries were redrawn, the reservation shrank. Then someone found gold somewhere else, and the boundaries were redrawn, and the rez shrank. I don't recall how often that happened, but the tribe now holds this tiny slip of land along a river near Lewiston, ID. The town of Nez Perce is run down, "project" style houses all in disrepair. The whites think the Indians are ungrateful slobs... Look how they care for what "we gave them." I'm thinking if someone kicked me out of my RV and "gave" me a beachfront condo, I'd trash the condo for spite. I want what is MINE, not what a thief "gives" me.
I picked up a hitch hiker once, he was going to the rez. I asked him if he was "Nemipoo" - the actual name of the tribe. He looked at me like I was Jesus Christ or something, could not believe that word came out of my mouth. How sad, to me, that a white person showing genuine interest in their culture is so rare.

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