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If the guy is true, then he

If the guy is true, then he needs to prove himself, either many times, or just the one big one, guess what you need for that glen, time.....unless offcourse you pull the big one, if not, and time is of an issue, tough.......some liberty folk wont trust words, but action, ESPECIALLY, considering your past judgements, whats to say it wont happen again, and guess what you need in order to show us your non bad decissions, thats right glen, time.....but if you make one thats particularly bad, after the fact, dont bother coming back, do what you will, but youll have no support from me, if you win it, and lose it

The only thing im willing to give you right now beck, if your genuine, is time......and not much else

disclaimer: literal time.....not going out of my way to listen to you "time", for that, you have to make a splash worthy of liberty,

I REALLLLLY dont trust you, but if there is even a slight chance of liberty in your heart, true liberty, then regardless of person, i will be open minded, untill given reason otherwise

Anyone can support liberty, but liberty folk tend to choose their "public" "champions" carefully, it aint easy, and so it should be

Disclaimer: If your genuine. Have i told you yet, I REAAALLY dont trust you