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Yes, exactly.

Yes, exactly. Thanks for the refresher. This is how I now force myself to think. Not in terms of fiat money amounts, but in terms of purchasing power and cost of life for the time we spend working.

Governments fiat monies have clearly failed justice and honesty-wise. They have succeeded however to enrich the cronies of all types.

Also, on taxation, if Americans think if it's bad here, it is, but I also invite anyone to try make a good living in Europe, esp. Spain, Greece, or France, to get a real taste of what plunder by taxation can feel, for both employees and employers side. This is quite astounding to me that people can even find it acceptable, still, without revolution and not putting the frauds who rule over them in prison.

This is what infuriates me most at times. That people are still coping with it, and either complain about it afterwards or ask for more of it. Mind boggling.

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