Comment: I think it is naive to think

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I think it is naive to think

I think it is naive to think that 'pushing your buttons' was what LEOs had in mind.

Imagine are part of a party hunting a man who has already killed 4 people. You don't know if he is wearing a suicide vest, you don't know whether he is carrying a weapon. All you know is that his brother is dead and he has almost nothing to lose and will probably try to go out with a bang.

You know that one false step and you will not be returning home that night. One false step and you may end up maimed or dead. The state has given you the task of hunting the man down and you cannot abandon your duty when people are counting on you. So tired and exhausted and scared, you still push on.

I'm sure they will be happy to know how much you appreciate their efforts on your behalf. Like it or not but they are also human beings, forced to live in the same system as you probably with the same worries and same complaints. To say their whole purpose was to cow the population is bordering on the ridiculous.