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I believe you are the one who's being "naive."

Study and understand what the Hegelian Dialectic is.
"Problem, Reaction, Solution."
Look at the centuries worth of examples of its use, and you will have a broader understanding of what is going on.

It's the old "the enemy's at the gates" routine. Terrorism (fear) has been used to control populations for centuries. It is as old as civilisation itself.

The "LEO's" are simply a mechanism. A tool. They are only acting on what they have been told. Just as you are acting on what you have been told.

"If I can get you to believe absurdities, I can make you commit atrocities."

I hate to quote "rhino" (an old DP member) here, but "the truth is that we don't know the truth." All we know is what we've been told by entities that have been proven to lie in the past. WMD's, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman, etc.

Were you there? Did you know these two guys they are calling suspects? Did you see them plant anything? Carjack anything? Shoot at anyone? Or is all your info coming from people who were "told" something to tell you?

I take pretty much everything I don't see with my own eyes in person, or know about first hand, with a grain of salt. I would suggest the same for you.