Comment: Just another attempt to hijack the Libertarian movement

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Just another attempt to hijack the Libertarian movement

This is just another attempt to hijack the Libertarian movement in the crooked KOCH-Brothers, Austerity, GOP direction.

First of all, there is no such thing as "conservatives". All the people in Washington and within the Media that use that term today are Statists, Corporatists, WallStreeters, Empirists, Oil Pirates, and War-Propagandists. They want both a Police-State, and Government judging your bedrooms. They want to impose a Corporate-Rule Aristocrisy, and gleefully ripoff the backs of the poor. They want Entitlements for the Wealthy, and Austerity to hollow-out our neighborhoods into Bannana-Republic status.

What has destroyed this Country, our Economy, all of our Laws, peace, and the quality of our News most of all are these so-named "conservative" policies, trickle-down upside-down economics, and the mighty-wurlitizer of CIA-directed "conservative" Media propaganda over the last 35 years. And Obama only represents a willful extension of all the Bush-Cheney criminal policies, not a wholesale rejection of them.

Libertarians should have nothing to do with today's "conservatives". In fact, you see that the best form of alliance is to unite the truth-telling Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich political wings.

This is the intersection place where you get the greatest amount of truth, integrity, and government accountability, and from that where pratical solutions can be found.