Comment: I think you misunderstand

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I think you misunderstand

These people were welcomed, and loved, so was I. It just never dawned on me that they would not let me in if I admitted I was white.... I don't think it ever crossed their mind to exclude my white self. I think the "Cherokee Princesses" had been told that by mothers, aunts, granny's, whatever, and they all showed up so proud of that "link." No one was unkind to them about it, it just happened SO often... it was funny. They would have been welcome as "curious white chick" but their fear of not being accepted seemed to drive them ALL to this same story. Never a Navajo princess, never and Apache princess, always Cherokee. No one ever even told them "The Cherokee did not have royalty" but the Princesses who were serious about learning figured it out eventually. Most of them found Jesus again after the first sweat lodge... ;)

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