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I know, but I felt I should clarify

I don't understand what you mean about my posts being different than the typical ones here, though. Maybe it's because this event happened in a city I'm in quite often.

I'm not saying this particular event was an example of corruption, but more what led up to it, and how it's going to be used to justify further corruption. Look at how many times 9/11 has been used to justify illegal, undeclared wars and the Patriot Act for example. Sure, the two attacks aren't on the same level, but the end results will be extremely similar in my opinion.

As far as being strung up by the media, most outlets seem to flat out ignore police brutality and corruption (except when it's politically expedient), never mind all the "accidental" shootings, video footage of police beating the crap out of people, even kids, and cases of police/feds breaking into the wrong houses. When do those stories make national headlines? How often are cops like that jailed, or even fired?

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