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Well given solidly half the

Well given solidly half the boards believe it was staged I think your posts are very balanced =D

Events have consequences. That is necessitated by the reaction of the people. They demand action to make sure that it never happens again and those with a more paranoid world view in office use it to press forward their own agendas.

Just as soldiers who kill civilians do not face a civil trial, police also tends to hold its inquiries internally. Just as in the army, your career can be destroyed by such an incident, so it is with police/fbi/cia.

I sincerely believe the argument of the liberty movement is with the rest of America rather than their leaders and public servants. If you did a referendum on whether the CIA should be disbanded you would find very few supporters in the public for that idea.

I will give you an example. Look at the US military. It is one of the biggest guzzlers of taxpayer money for the public. It is completely constitutional and its budget is controlled by the lawmakers. The only way to reduce its spending is to elect legislators who are virulently opposed to military spending. But if there is a candidate who is perceived as being weak on national security, people simply won't elect him. It all comes back to the public.