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real quick

I'm agreeing with you on parental responsibility. I choose a different perspective. Kids don't magically appear. It was my choice to have a wife & kids. Knowing full well the "consequences" or blessings, depending how you look at it. Family, to me, is a branch of personal responsibility. I think we're saying the same thing but starting point is a little different.

I hope we react your hypothetical of solving polution, energy & work. I'm guessing in your fantasy someone or group has solved hunger & disease? I'm thinking we'd have more time for the leisure, arts, science and space exploration. We work to have nice things and if machines make nice things without our work thats even better. haha... but this is all for not. We're not close. But I love how liberty's vision is great advances in humanity. No No really, must be a joke, when you say this is a problem to be solved.

The minute all problems of the world have been solved via hard work to the crazy point that there is no more work but seemingly infinite goods and services. We can move to libertarian socialism. But until that point libertarian free markets is the best vechicle to achive peace, prosperity and that dream world. (other systems will take longer or never reach your dream world...)