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so...I am a troll?

or mad,and just trying to get a rise out of you 2?
and we were arguing?
i told you god had the priests use marijuana in their incense
for the worship services,incense are burnt,so they were getting a high from it
burnt offerings are pleasing to god
then you say it was used to anoint the ark,you took from them links
the confusion and twisted it around to mean an oil for the ark
just as the pug has done
now,you and him both say it can be used for medicinal purposes
if this is the case then it is not a tear in gods eyes
one cannot abuse pot as they can alcohol
but what is abuse of marijuana? would it be someone who smokes it everyday? all day? once a week?
where do you draw that line?
are you aware that someone with migraines can take that herb everyday and NOT get the high affect,and might be true with others with med conditions as well
it is so nice to be labeled by you and pug because we differ in opinion
do i believe drinking is bad? mostly yes,but not in moderation
but i will not judge others for living their lives the way they see fit (it's not my job)
do i believe everything in print in our bibles we use today?
no,as man had a hand in changing the words around,thereby changing the meaning
man had a hand in taking whole books out,so how can we get a total understanding with more than 1/3 missing?
if yeshua said we are grafted into the vine,then we are not servants,slaves,nor is he our master,but rather more of a family member.
i have studied many of bibles,and they all differ,are they all correct? or are some not and some are?
in 3 bibles one cannot even get out of genesis without being confused
if god is not the author of confusion,then what does this lead about the conclusion of some of these bibles?
so what you will about me,it won't change any facts about me

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence