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you're very very welcome!

y'all are doing the real hard work: financially and creatively vesting yourselves head first into a very public, very political venture with many enemies planting the minefield ahead.

posting a few links and contributing to crowd-sourcing where and when I can, is the least I can do.

I wish you guys the best of luck. granted 'converting' statist cultists is a tall order, but guns, as a physical embodiment of an idea that is plainly available to most Americans and in fact IN most American homes, should be far easier to communicate than other freedom principles in the abstract.

personally I've always felt that apologizing for guns as a weapon has always been a publicity mistake.

To me, the gungrabbers' stance that the likes of AR15's are an "efficient killing machine," to which I'd counter:

"So? And... your point is?"

It's like, WHY would I want a crappy gun that jams in a dynamic, lethally critical incident?? (okay, to all my gunnies, this ain't about the reliability of AR's DI vs. AK's long-stroke piston, settle down, please.D LOL)

And for those whose idea of gunownership is solely informed by pop-culture, of course they have no clue that in real-life lethal encounters, most involve multiple assailants, and if you're the good guy, ALL attacks against you are ambushes, and unlike the movies, bad guys don't fly back 50yds when shot with a .380ACP round coming out of 007's Walther PPK's muzzle, or rarely is a lethal threat stopped by a single shot.

From a past thread:


Video: Proving the Old Adage, "A Liberal is a Conservative who hasn't been mugged!"

On a related note, sure, 'No one needs an AR15!" until you're actually attacked by a scumbag invading your house along with his merry band of armed degenerates, WITH an AR15, in Gabby Gifford's hometown of Tucson, AZ:

Think the victimized homeowner blamed the inanimate AR15 in the invader's hands? Think he'll also blame his own AR15 he deployed, to fend off the AR wielding thug?

Oh dang, why do I bother asking that, here at DP? Ya informed R3VOL bunch, you! LOL Never mind, just being rhetorical. Y'all are no fun.o)

Why You NEED more than 7rds: It took a trained SWAT 17rds of .45acp to stop One Sober Assailant!


If the public actually knew what it truly takes to stop a threat, the inconvenient truth about what happens in real-life dynamic lethal encounters, they wouldn't be publicly promoting all this asinine nonsense. then again, they do so because they're uninformed, misinformed, and are emotively driven by fear and rage: sounds like a guild of perfect mental patients to me! LOL.

Like I said, a tall order. I commend you and your colleagues in stepping into the fray so publicly, and wish great luck, and all the blessings in the world. Love all my creative r3VOL!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul