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Dear Libera_me,

Yes, I believe your post is exceptionally worthwhile. My hubby and I memorized the BOR word for blessed word. It was a daunting task, so I set the words to music: think School House Rock. That was over a decade ago, when folks thought we were odd balls for caring to learn the words to this archaic document. Our sons, 8 and 11, now know most of the words, just by hearing me singing them repeatedly. Lucky homeschool boys.

We posted a novice recording of the music at in 2002. Search: The Bill of Rights Band
All 10 Amendments won't take but a half hour to hear start to finish. The arrangements are not exactly easy listening, but we did our best.

I've since recorded updated versions of the music that are considerably more appealing, utilizing guitar, percussion and harmony vocals. I'd be honored to share these with you....or with anyone who cares to listen. I can send them out as mp3 files attached to an email. So far I've struck out trying to post music on the DP. Perhaps this thread from the moderator Mr. Nystrom will further motivate me to sort out how to get the music out there. I choose not to facebook, and am far from web savvy.

This music is looking for a break - (hah! these amendments are looking for a break!). We always thought the project would take off. Admittedly, the lyrics can be heavy, but once you open up to them in song, you'll never forget them. Singing the words to the Bill of Rights engages both the heart and the mind....a moving experience, I highly recommend.

Thanks for learning the words by heart.

For Love,
For Country,
SisJustJen of the BoRB