Comment: Comment section not buying it :)

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Comment section not buying it :)

"Why is it the press labels Ron Paul in the "overwhelming minority," and almost all comments on yahoo agree with him. There is something seriously wrong when our press is deciding what the "majority" think without asking that so called "majority. I think most people were happy when the bomber was caught but I don't think that necessarily means they agree with a police occupation and warrantless searches. Also, what Ron Paul said is true, with all the resources they allocated the bomber was caught when "shelter in place" was lifted and an ordinary citizen walked in their back yard."

"I'm a pretty hard core liberal and I actually agree with Ron Paul here. Its amazing how many people are willing to let their constitutional rights get tossed out the door in situations like this."

"whats more dangerous to americans and the american way of life? a 19 and a 26 year old with gunpowder and a pressure cooker, or the police of our major cities being capable of military-like police-state actions and a willingness to use them on american cities?"