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Proof - Poof !

Lack of proof just means that there was no thorough investigation. Ron Paul follows the rule of law. He responded according to the information and scenario GIVEN. We were told Bin Laden was dead because a photo of a room with a bed and someones blood on the floor proves it. You and I may need more proof but some people are more trusting. The logic behind Washington is: NO PROOF = PROOF .
It was another brilliant way for Ron Paul to stick it to the establishment that even when MSM/Washington lies they can't get away with it. Ron Paul agrees our foreign policy is a problem. Ron Paul agrees people do not hate us for our freedom and culture. The question should be WHO are the terrorists? The answer is : - How to instantly tell who's evil vs. good. : The philosophy of "control" vs. empowerment. excellent read. I dont know how to do the pasty thing sorry.