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The utopian vision

"I'm sick of seeing this extremely utopian vision of what everyone is like. Many people do not support liberty and will ALWAYS support government. That's why we should absolutely be involved in politics and pushing for as much liberty as we can actually get, regardless of if it falls short of our ideals. Because we don't live in a world of ideals we live in a world of realities."

you are correct that many people do not support liberty, but and it's true that many of those may "always" support government. But I should remind you that many of us did not have these beliefs 5 or 6 years ago before the Ron Paul campaign, and even those like me who leaned libertarian did not fully grasp a lot of things.

We will never just vote our way to freedom; THAT is the "Utopian" vision. I do however believe we can see a freer society, in many ways we already do thanks to technology, the internet. WE have more freedom to communicate than ever before. so let's use it wisely. The days of people buying pre-packaged mainstream political B.S. are numbered, and i I strongly feel it's important to be *consistent* and *principled* in the message.

That doesn't mean we can't compromise, but there are different kinds of compromise. Compromising with say, a liberal like Dennis Kucinich to try to end or prevent a war, that is good compromise that sticks with principle.

But compromising by *distorting* the message will only result in confusion, and any minor political victories will be tainted by a confused message.
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