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I also was raised in the Catholic tradition with German and Polish Catholic ancestors. I graduated from a Catholic High School.

Not unlike the one George Carlin described. Medieval and Prussian methods were abandoned tending more toward the truths of post-Kantian speculation. We discussed Simon and Garfunkel musical poetry. We practiced meditation in class 40 years ago.

Lumen gentium. Isn't this a recognition of grassroots. The Church is what we make it as individuals traveling toward God, as best we can. With a little help from our friends.

But here is what worries me, Granger my friend. When doctors and dentists put two different metals in the bodies electrolyte, a battery is made. It is like carrying you own tazer. Gall bladder clips and dental fillings makes two. Nothing touches the pain.

I don't think you are dyslexic, I read your posts back in September 2008.

My wife had to get 30+ titanium clips removed to stop the pain. Results were immediate the minute she awoke from being fileted like a fish.

She awoke from here appendix operation and said, "they left a scalpel in me." She awoke from the removal surgery saying, "They're gone!"

I noticed some similarities, so I sent this true story.

Free includes debt-free!