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Comment: "um, not in the majority" -Author of that article wrote this

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"um, not in the majority" -Author of that article wrote this

when writing Ron Paul's opinion is not the majority.

yeah okay buddy keep um, telling us what our opinion is of him. "niche"?

he won the presidential debate poll in 2007 which msm ignored
he won multiple straw polls across the states and started the tea party
his fans were yelling at commentator John King to ask him Ron Paul questions
Ron Paul had the biggest applause from the crowds
Ron Paul had the biggest crowds at his speeches, bigger than Romney
Ron Paul won Iowa like a year after Santorum won, and after Romney won

you are sitting there writing this thinking the status quo of American foreign policy justifies invading U.S. citizens liberties. You want all private investigations of public opinion to be filtered through a false sense of security by terming any investigation "conspiracy theory".

The media can tell big lies when big media is the only ones afforded the truth. Follow the legislation.

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