Comment: gross negligence or attempted murder by govt officials

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gross negligence or attempted murder by govt officials

these officers should be indicted by a grand jury for firing on an unarmed U.S. citizen, a SUSPECT who has knowingly given himself up.

After the indictment they should be brought up on charges of attempted murder, face prison time, and punitive damages to the federal govt, the media companies, and the local officers for inciting the public, gross negligence, and aiding and abetting excessive force.

We the people need prior restraint injunction precedent to stop the media from inciting the public, stop the military style occupations, and enforce justice in the balance of investigating suspects and fighting terror.

Boston was proof they could use American streets as military battlefields and enforce military rule like the kings we declared ourselves sovereign from. You do NOT shoot at private citizens without due process unless those private citizens are presenting an actual and present danger... Yelling is not dangerous, America needs her remedies or these brutes will own us eventfully.

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