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most don't pay attention.

Re: "Forcing a child to go to church is not mere exposure. They have no choice to leave. My thoughts can be simply ignored. No one is forced to read them."

Again, attending church does not force anyone to believe anything. I was forced to go to public school, but I didn't end up believing everything I was told. People are able to go to church and ignore it. My brother took his daughter to church and she said she wasn't paying attention to the sermon, so how was she forced to believe anything by being there?

Re:"I am not missing anything but parts section of my brain that make a person well-adjusted. Nothing can cure me, just like a person with no kidneys will always need dialysis. Psychology is BS anyway. Everyone is different and I am a solitary person."

I agree that people are different. Everyone is a unique individual.
I don't think there's anything wrong with being introverted or enjoying solitude. I think you are missing out when you say you don't want to share anything with anyone though, and I think you're not being entirely honest with yourself, because you seem to like to share your opinion, and that is something.

Re:"I do have negative feelings towards myself, and in my opinion it's called being humble. I don't want to be an asset to the world and don't want to live in a world with other people. Anyone I've ever met who has a shred of confidence is an utter jerk and just goes around making people feel like crap to make themselves feel better."

I think there is a kind of humbleness where you can be humble enough to accept forgiveness where it is given. It takes a certain kind of humbleness to accept unwanted gifts and compliments as well. Accepting those sorts of things doesn't always have to be about confidence, but rather it could be about charity towards others and yourself.

Re:"God puts people in the world who are damned as their destiny to scare those who he chose to not be damned."

The fact that God has purpose behind everything does not mean that he damns people against their will. People choose to sin and reject God, and sometimes he gives them what they want, even when it's damnation(which is basically to be apart from God for eternity, which is not a pleasant thing since all good comes from God).

Re: "I really would not want to live like your common, happy, well-adjusted, social church-goer. I don't people like that and I don't want to be that. I want to be the grumpy jerk who people hate and leave alone."

A lot of times being social is just being unselfish, and thinking of others before yourself; listening instead of talking, etc. I can understand how a lot of social interaction seems superficial and fake, but not all of it is. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.