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Ah no young sir you are too simple

First of all calling people "terrorists" who's sole intent is to return to a lawful state of affairs is like the spoiled brat on the preschool playground who doesn't want to play by the rules because he is not winning. Yes those of awake know that is the reason for making all people sick of the tyranny and the destruction of the rule of law into "terrorists" is the spoiled brats and intellectual inept tyrants way out of being brought to justice for their criminal activity. Your analogy to candy further demonstrates the level of maturity we are dealing with here.

The only plan is to return to a lawful state of affairs within Government operation, period! Thousands of felonies a day being committed by those claiming to be "Government" and claiming immunity from liability is not lawful. It does not matter how many codes are put into place. It is simply a violation of common law. If the Juries wake up and realize this what are those tyrants going to do? Are they going to ignore the ruling of the Jury? Clearly they are already obstructing justice by blocking access to our Juries for proper lawful remedy. This is just the beginning of their tyranny and clearly they have made the boogie man of a "terrorist" a solid figment in the populace's dialogue for their planned reasoning of the next stage of their tyranny. They have mens rea intention to perform their tyranny explicit for the motive of maintain their unlawful power and control over the people. They murder, extort, steal, conspire, terrorize, torture, levy war and more against us. These are crimes they are committing against the people and the People have every right to use the justice system we pay for to bring remedy. If you think exercising justice for proper remedy and ensuring the rule of law is upheld is terrorism then you are quite frankly a dangerous lunatic IMHO. Yes all of this is why they have their re-education interment camps. If anyone doesn't obey then just torture them into compliance. Do you think that aware people can't see the writing on the wall? What are you to do call me a "conspiracy theorist" next? I have seen nightmare technologies that you can't even dream of that they are building for their control grid. First they came for.... then no one was left...

Also you are too simple. The algorithms go through various layers of Natural Law in order to ensure victory over tyranny. All of the algorithms are only for exercise one's inherent right to remedy. The nature of the algorithms is that the only way they can be successful is if the "STATE" continues to commit the level of tyranny against the population they are committing now continues or expands. It is not the people's actions for remedy that is the driver of success of the algorithms it is the the amount of tyranny committed by the "STATE". Logically this means that either success or "failure" of the algorithm means less tyranny for either outcome which is a success. Its not like this is going to end tyranny forever and we will then live in some utopia, its that the logic suggests that the check can asymptote at its minimum. This is not just government tyranny but crime in general. There are ways to make tools that do not exist today (but all necessary components do) that can enable crime prevention and justice orders of magnitude more precise than what is available now. And it is possible to do with the context of not breaking any law to enforce the law which means no initiation of violence (their worst nightmare; no violence). As far the mathematically strict constructs of tapping the laws of nature for guaranteeing success Economics is one, Temporal is another, But actually goes through many more layers of law including neurological bio-opto-sono-odoro-electro-mecha-chemical processing of human physiology, quantum mechanical wave function collapsing, and even generally relative gravitational temporal compression/dilation. This is REAL LAW. Some of the higher level concepts can be summarized in concepts like the 100th monkey theory but the details are much deeper than that. However, the beautiful thing about using real law to seek remedy is that the entire concept is based on simplicity of Law due to the inherent protections that come from having simple common law that everyone can comprehend and understand so that the maximum number of people can participate in protected the rule of law. This is maximized through simplicity of foundations within common law not through millions of pages of legalese code. If anyone injures you then you have the right to seek and obtain remedy for the injury. If you can't understand that his concept is inherent organic common law then all I can say is that the Law books and television has destroyed your cognitive reasoning ability. Every place you read in law in law and justice this concept is there at its foundations but you chuckleheads want to justify criminal tyranny for some reason.

And as for your statement "clog the system so it fails for the ordinary citizen leading to civil unrest" This is happening right now from their criminal tyranny against the population at large. They are not their to respond to accusers but they have their "courts" conveniently filled to capacity everyday to extort FRNs out of the People all based on a foundation of criminal fraud. They have already broken the system and are causing civil unrest. Isn't this fact clear? Isn't this why we are at the DP and support Ron Paul's message of the rule of law? Is that why you are here? That's why I am. I don't want civil unrest, concentration camps, children being taken from their parents and drugged, torture, political assisinatation, mathematically guaranteed to fail FRNs forced as an unlawful tender, and on and on ond on....

You guys can think I am some crazy "sovereign citizen" who just sits behind a keyboard but this is not the case. I am unlike anyone you have ever met. I mentioned some of my background before but There is much more I have not mentioned, my skill set includes, mechanical electrical, optical design, embedded application and enterprise level programming, laser design, machine vision, precision motion controls, fluidics management, , complete systems development for various biotech applications, microfabrication, and thermal management, music proficiency guitar, bass, harmonica, hand percussion and others I have even found novel chemical recipies for various high temp plastics photoinitiation although I know very little of chemistry I do have detailed research into various multiphoton photoinitiators specifically for non-degenerate two-photon photopolymerization processing. If you look at the image I have in my DP profile that is screenshot of a graphing program I wrote that describes the atom in terms of a gravitational time dilation based quantum photonic cavity of the electron orbital shells; the image is what I call the fractofield or the fractosphere and is only a time slice instant cross section of 4d viewed as 3d on a 2d plane as "straight" line of 1d made up of a series of 0d points;) Nature showed me the fractofields around matter while tripping on Hawaiian woodrose seeds and then I was able to derive the EXACT geometrical formula for the dilation of 4d field. Got that DUDE!

But I am sure this is where you blow up and say that's it "I knew you were tripping?" If you haven't experienced the power of psychadelics then I truly feel sorry for you. You are missing the most beautiful of God's gifts to human experience and awareness. Yeah I think we are done here.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...