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the national govt doesn't have sale tax

although they will likely add it if this goes through. Individual states have sales tax and they are trying to force other states to do their accounting for them. That is absolutely wrong.

As you pointed out above you are required to pay taxes when you buy out of state, but you don't. The state should be collecting from you and not some out-of-state company. When people from California come up to Oregon they can buy tax free. Yet when we go to California we have to pay their sales tax. Seems to me the taxes they collect from me should be sent to Oregon.

Really it is ludicrous to require a business in another state to essentially pay taxes in a state the do not reside in and have no political representation in.

and $1,00o,000 in sales in NOT $1,000,000 in profits.

I see a national sales tax coming in the very near future.