Comment: You are anticipating my argument, Libera_me!

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You are anticipating my argument, Libera_me!

When you write...

The book of Genesis refers to creation of mankind as "Let us make mankind in our image, and our likeness." Then says: "Male and Female did He Make them."

... you are quoting the very same passage, to the very same end, that I do in Part 3.

Concerning the question of Divine sexuality, I regard it as critically important that position #3 be correct. In particular, positions 1 (only male) or 4 (no sexuality) would require me to reconstruct, from the ground up, my theology, spirituality, and eternal hope. (Position 2 -- God is female -- would be somewhat less problematic, but would leave me not being "in the image of God" to the same extent that women are.) I could say more now, but I will leave you to read Parts 3 and 4, as I think that you will discern my reasons for concern in reading what I wrote there.

I look forward to reading your concluding observations or questions at the end of Part 4. God bless, lady patriot.

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