Comment: Karzai said this in 2008

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Karzai said this in 2008

But here’s Karzai, letting everyone in on the plan during a joint December 2008 press conference in Kabul with then-President George W. Bush.

Karzai had been asked by Steven Lee Myers of The New York Times whether he hoped for a withdrawal timetable—a date certain when American troops would be gone.

Afghanistan won't let the "international community" leave "before we are fully on our feet, before we are strong enough to defend our country, before we are powerful enough to have a good economy, and before we have taken from President Bush and the next administration billions and billions of more dollars,” Karzai said. The transcript records “(laughter),” but it was more awkward and disbelieving than appreciative. “No way that they can let you go,” Karzai added.

The WSJ would not let me read the article as I am not a subscriber.