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Comment: The Boston Poster And Kennedy

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The Boston Poster And Kennedy

Well, i'm glad the poster in Boston is IN BOSTON. It's too bad that Boston is now Berlin (circa 1943), instead of Boston (circa 1775). Like I said, I'm glad the poster that is in Boston is IN BOSTON, as i am not.
As far as Kennedy and 'shelter in place' with tanks and MILITARY POLICE, the people in '63 would have immediately risen up against this invasion.
Besides, there weren't so many controlling evil nazis back then. the FBI and the CIA were about all there were. Think about it.
We now have the NSA and the DHS and the TSA and the SPLC (much more powerful now), and even the Forestry Service and NOAA toting weapons, ready for anything (like trying to find a 'lone nut' with a pressure cooker).
When that poster in Boston gets to watch the 'police' give his wife and children anal cavity searches with their police batons, he will try to object, but it will then be too late, as he will be getting his own. I feel sorry for this poster, as he (she) has failed to understand the gravity of the situation.