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Why does some people think

Why does some people think secret societies are bad and evil? A lot of times they are necessary and good. They were necessary and good when nations were controlled by religious fanatics and tyrants and you weren't allowed to question anything, thus the reason they had to be secret or they would be killed.

Same way secret societies played part in the American revolution so they could discuss fighting the UK empire without public scrutiny, During the world wars there were secret societies joining to fight nazis and other despots because otherwise they would, be killed.

The Illuminati was started because of the religious intolerance n an effort to have free discussions of politics, religion and other things not allowed by the church at that time. Such society were the pilar of the revolution in the US and other places and have essentially brought freedom around the world. Remember if you questioned the church back then you would be burned at the stake. This is what prompted people to meet in secret. Masonry, for example, started as a rebellion against Church control.

There is just so much misconception around it, and it was the Church that made secret societies "evil" in an effort to eradicate them, same way Government label freedom fighters terrorists today.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...