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Food Forest

check out the free videos that have been put up recently here:

Check out the 5-acre guide and the urban guide and find the place in between.

Now, about some of your pros and cons about the area:

Money: Do you need to make money off the property? If so, I'd split the workable land into two, on one half start working on a food forest, on the other start producing an organic cash crop, find something specific to the region, something you can sell, etc. If it is all Democrats maybe there is a farmers market there. You might have to de a variety of stuff, but on one side do that: greenhouse, hoop house and garden.

Democrats: What I'd do; go to their meeting(s). Just say, "I just moved here, started a farm, I'm traditionally a Republican, I was a big Ron Paul supporter, but, well, to be honest, it's all Democrats here, and I just want to know my neighbors and be active with my government." Then see if there are any Republicans, or Libertarians, but really, just interact with the community and you'll find your voice anywhere. Maybe there is a church you like, or a gaming club, or something...

Nothing to Do: Don't worry about the town being boring, if you are broke with 2 1/2 acres to manage, you won't have any free time to worry about. Aside from that, if you keep that building, use it to build something to do in that town. Have music with food and beer. Pretty simple. Invite the cool people you meet, build a "scene."

Hunting Lease (and other lease): Awesome. Invite people. Get on couchsurfing. Make this property into a traveling Liberty house, invite/organize people from the DP to come out and help run campaigns for whatever you feel needs to happen out there.

Aside from that, have fun with some land. My own land is basically my #1 priority right now.

Jack Wagner