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thanks AJ

while i do not like the last word unless i am right
not too many can claim they are
by our chats i can learn,and i hope you can too,if i provoke that is
here is where i get my information from
now as far as states jurisdiction over traveling,wouldn't
the no victim no crime mean they cannot act unless a crime had taken place?
seeing if they followed the upper courts decisions on the right to travel
the only time one could be stopped is,if a cop needed hand a in an emergency,or there was an injured party
and seeing the courts have not upheld the right to travel( but hide that fact)freely,unfettered and the state courts are saying driving is a privilege and not a right as they see it,then wouldn't it be bribery
if the judges get a non taxed kick back for court costs and fines
and wouldn't that also mean they are not upholding the law
but are in fact upholding the color of law?
and why wouldn't i be able to blast every judge if indeed what i typed is true,as they all do not follow the written laws
there have been court case from friends of mine where one was kept over night,and in the morning the judge let him go,as he pointed out he had the right to travel freely
and if the judges,prosecutors and cops are to uphold and follow the law,and they break them,aren't they then guilty?
especially judges,seeing they are supposed to know the law
isn't the role of judge to keep the peace in the court room,and not be biased,and let the jury decide the guilt of the parties involved?
but judges take on the role of executioner

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