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Comment: Don't flatter yourself. Not asking you out on a date LOL

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Don't flatter yourself. Not asking you out on a date LOL

Just asking you to have a man to man discussion with me as opposed to your hiding behind your little barricade of words.

Your argument is bizarre about words. Are you not aware that for thousands of years before email and blogs...that differences were NOT sorted out via letter to letter...using "words, sharkhearted, words" .waiting on the latest letter to arrive....on the contrary....they were sorted out face to face.

I realize you think you are "properly" addressing each thing that I am saying with "responses"...yeah but what if your responses are based upon manipulation, fallacy, misinformation, and disinformation??

What do you do then?

Well, in real time dialogue, debate, and either face to face communication....or phone to don't have the chance to calculate your response. and blog responses are fine. But if they are used alone without personal discourse, then thats where the cowardice creeps in.

You know I am right. And no, in a liberty world, MAJORITY DOES NOT I could not give a f-u-c-k about the downvotes.

Norfolk, VA

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