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I did not mean to say, chosen lady...

... that you were, in any way, at fault for the problem with Nonna (I don't know how the problem arose originally). I knew that there was a problem because I read a couple of your posts. In one, you indicated that a post of hers had "really hurt my feelings." In another post, you wrote that she was "knifing me in the back." I am sure that you would agree with me that it is always a sad thing, and tends to damage the Christian witness, when two self-identified Christians are publically, and personally, at odds with each other (and, again, I am not saying that you are to blame).

Regarding my rather long "liturgy" post (and I apologize for it being so long; the snowball just started rolling downhill)... It is not, primarily, a doctrinal treatment; rather it is mostly descriptive, both in terms of what is happening liturgically, and in my reaction to what is happening. It is rather intimate in places... Please know that I was not trying to be an exhibitionist; it is just that, when it comes to Communion, and to Christ as Husband (and the two topics are very much integrated in my thinking), I have a difficult time not saying (and writing) more than I should. I ask your forgiveness in advance if any thing I wrote in that post causes offense. On the bright side, because it is not primarily doctrinal, it probably will not require a doctrinal response from you; just "break in" with observations or questions as you read through my description.

P.S.: I have invited Granger to also read what I wrote, and to respond by pointing out, for your information, the differences between my Episcopal liturgy and her Catholic Mass. If you have not been to a Catholic Mass, you may find what she writes (if she chooses to write it) to also be informative.

God bless, dear sister and friend.

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