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I wasn't actually claiming that Libera_me thought only Christians were fit for political office. My statement "While I don't agree.." was meant as a preemptive warning to all of those who call themselves "Christians" and also believe they have some divine power to determine who is truly Christian or not that "I don't agree" with them. I get a little tired of the religious wars on the DP, with each side (all sides, we can't leave out those oh so objective and reasonable "agnostics") claiming the other side has nothing of merit to say.

I believe that Christians (and atheists), by THEIR OWN STATED STANDARDS, endorse humility and should act accordingly. This is coming from someone who learned about liberty from an atheist's perspective, who feared and distrusted Christians, but who later came to believe in God and saw that liberty was every bit as valuable to a believer as it was to an atheist.

Because I had been an atheist who was as arrogant and obnoxious as any of the "cram it down your throat" atheists and Christians on this site, I determined, once I had decided that Jesus was the Son of God, to NEVER approach my Christian beliefs in the way I had approached my atheist beliefs.

There are literally people on the DP who think that ONLY Christians are fit for political office, as well as some on the DP who think that ONLY atheists are fit for political office. And there are subgroups of these groups who think that their beliefs should be codified in law. If you don't believe me try searching, you'll find the posts.