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Comment: the dark ages was when the STATE CHURCH took..

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the dark ages was when the STATE CHURCH took..

...the Word of God away from the common people...and these days are just as dark because professing Christians don't know their Bible's, by design, from the counterfeit Christianity zionist masters. This no different than the Muslim who doesn't know his Koran, he just digests what the imams give him.

Anyway, you nailed me on the faith/scientific evidence thing; I'm usually a better author than that when expressing my viewpoint...of course...I do all my posting as of recent off a smart phone..

You have your worldview, I have mine; you consider me brainwashed in religious dogma and a slave to clergymen, and I'll consider you wise in your own conceit for having only learned what feeds your worldview as well...

I've been called a hindrance to Liberty now; I was warned long ago that if I tried to bring this Bible, these arguments into the political arena, it would be summarily rejected.

The world is going to hell, this Republic killed itself through elevating man above God...there will be a purging; it's a historical cycle....before honor there is humility...this nation is going to get humbled; and when they do, when it becomes unbearable, will they go to government or the Creator?

I'm eternally secure, I need to move on ... Goodbye Daily Paul