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So are hundreds of other kids

I've seen this kid's stories many times now and have yet to see him turn anything into commercial products. That's key because without it, he'll be a has-been before he gets going.

And... patents don't always help the situation. Often times, they close doors instead of opening them. It all depends on what type of investors one is courting. It may be very easy to find sharks and give away the farm but keeping it is a very different story. People don't invest that way unless you have a long track record of success.

What it all boils down to is those with the money big enough to make things go easy for him have the world working the way they want it right now. They don't want change unless it yields them more power. If you want more inventions, fix the bank problems. Don't raise one kid on a pedestal. Once fixed, they'll come out of the woodwork in droves!

Signed, Experience (with patents)