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The relationship between

the idealogies of conservatism and libertarianism is the same as that between modern liberalism and libertarianism. All American political ideology stems from libertarian philosophy. Modern liberals do not understand how the welfare state will hinder their civil liberties in the same way that conservatives do not understand how the warfare state will hinder their economic liberties. Both adhere to a flawed understanding of economics; that is that the conservatives tend to adopt the ideals of Milton Friedman and the liberals tend toward the teachings of John Maynard Keynes. Both stem from a lack of understanding of human action and the flow of real capital in society.

While I found the writing entertaining, I just do not see the benefit in pushing the libertarian movement toward a more statist ideology to either direction of the political spectrum. The only reason that conservatism has any attachment to libertarianism is that the modern conservative movement has been desperately attempting to hitch itself to the attractive message of liberty.

"Thus, the solution to our modern dilemma lies not in any kind of 'new morality' or 'radically altered political system' that pure libertarians advocate. Our solution is simply to have the courage to accept the moral and philosophical principles that will lead to what America was originally meant to be."

This quote sums up my entire understanding of this piece. It is a flawed summary of libertarianism and a basic misunderstanding of the principles of liberty. What could be more collectivist than the call for a united goal that transcends political structure like "what America was originally meant to be"?

I think that the writer is captivating and talented, but I would suggest he go back and truly study the works of "extremists" like Rothbard, who could basically be credited for the momentum of the modern libertarian movement, and then come back with a new game plan on how to constructively move the message of liberty forward.