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Ive seen some pretty large productions

in order for this to be one- the entire hospital has to be in on it, 30+ beds need to appear occupied, 3 deceased victims need to now be in some kind of witness protection program under new identities. Every last detail needs to have been addressed ( and why go through all the minute details of buying off the secrecy of an entire hospital staff, only to end up using fake blood? Even the mean girls in 'Carrie' sprung for actual pig blood) Besides- yeah the blood looks a bit bright and cheerful in some series of pictures- but lighting will do that. Ive seen some pics of the same blast that look considerably more real.
I dont claim to know who was responsible- the brothers, rogue elements of the govt/false flag- maybe even both. May never know for sure- but Im pretty certain bombs went off and people were hurt and killed. I have nothing against the people who think it was fake. I understand why you would- and God love you for questioning everything you see and hear.