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Problem is Dave

that I have the programs with source code. I have the logic laid out and it is being expanded in its capability and derivations. I have even derived several inventions from this concept already. But I do not seek money for this either. If I am such a BS artist then why do I not seek any money for any of this? Hmmmm?

There are real Shaman's in this world, Dave. You know how the Shaman's get to where they are? By humbling themselves before the divine order of nature and listening for the inspiration of the right questions and then diligently pursuing the answers to those questions to the final conclusions of self evidence. Your reaction was exactly what was predicted Dave. I perturb in very specific ways and you give very predicted responses. Logic based on deciphering patterns of contrast ratio between light and dark that filter through the experiential logic and then generate the necessary polypeptides that enables motor function of your muscles into very discreet possible outcomes isolated to certain predictable "vibe" or emotional emission.

One last thing here Dave as I wish you well on your life journey. I noticed how you talked so deeply about law school and its results in operation of procedures of "law". One thing noticeably absent from your accolades of your experience with law is "truth". No where did you mention anything about "truth" when the very essence of law and justice is the pursuit of truth. You will only get to the destination you navigate to. If your destination is not truth then then you will never arrive at truth. The same goes with R3volution; if we don't know where the destination we choose is then it will be decided by those who do choose for us.

This concludes my temporal tolerance for such a discussion of low intellectual merit. I thought you might be able to realize that there exists more than one possible perspective that are all within the confines of real law that can provide a much more successful strategy to uphold the rule of law but this beyond your intellectual capacity. It reminds of Ron Paul's comments about how the TPTB are intellectually bankrupt. Dave you are playing a game of following the other man so he will like me and give me what I want instead seeking justice against anyone who is going to harm another. Still thinking of that Jimi quote "one of them old aint never beens".

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...