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Sounds promising but...

This sounds promising but I have to admit my physics/chemistry classes are way behind me in time to fully appreciate the outline.

If it is as sound as it is presented to be, I would suggest that someone URGENTLY reaches out to this young man and warns him WITH GREAT SERIOUSNESS about the tremendous power of governments, perverted laws, and special interests of all kinds to destroy or exploit the greatest innovations for whatever purpose serves them.

The thing is it isn't tremendously difficult to produce and distribute energy, including non polluting. It isn't tremendously difficult to sell it either, in the principle : you find demand, you provide supply, price discovery follows.

If he innovated greatly further, to make it dramatically easier, cheaper, safer to produce, all the better. Can I expect to see my electricity bill fall to something like $10/Month - yes, just ten "dollars" - 5 years from now, then? Time will tell...

Here is what is tremendously difficult :

to overcome the completely fraudulent "money" system everybody is trapped in today, entirely based on COUNTERFEITING, to avoid the sword of perverted laws voted by politicians who couldn't care less about any breakthroughs, EVER, and to escape the marketing and bureaucratic hitmen of legacy monopolies who have THE BEST INTERESTS in seeing you fail, upfront, or be eliminated from the loop. Especially easy on the captive, non-free markets they control.

Hence, my above suggestion. If he could at least be warned properly, he might be able to make it, eventually.

I sincerely wish him best of luck with the people he'll be coming across.

Reality refresher; here is what the genuinely positive ideas of this young man are up against:

Lose sight of that and nothing else will matter. Not even man genius.

Just ask Ron Paul about his mere questioning of today's banking system practices. For just one domain among the others.


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