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Am I off here?

I hear a little Lynrd Skynrd in a lot of their songs, maybe not that one as much but I hear it in there. Jacksonville? Play what to the 11's? I have not cast you in any role other than internet music guru who brings me amazing music. Oh, and head of marketing, co op (with ducky of course), and guy that costs me a small fortune in music I have to buy. Oh, and your an INJF personality right? I click people's links. It might be my house, but I want you in it, I also want No.7 in here, and I should have jam session stalked him at one point also and maybe he would be here now. A warning for others, I will jam session stalk you if I think you might be leaving for no good reason (Tao had a good reason or I would have done the same to him).