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Protest AND Vote

Simply waiting every four years to vote isn't enough; it hasn't been enough.

What makes March Against Monsanto so unique and potentially effective is that it's a big tent issue with wide support from progressives, Occupiers, libertarians as well as just ordinary folks who don't want their kids to ingest poison.

The lady who started this, i.e. created the Facebook page, is a soccer mom. I've been helping her for the past month get all of the events created and a website up. The response is VERY diverse. This isn't simply a bunch of hippies and Occupiers protesting, though hippies and Occupiers will be participating. And we're glad. We've made a point to fully embrace the diversity, because it's to our benefit as a world to do so.

Anyway... protest AND vote, but don't just vote and think it's going to be enough. Don't just protest and think it's going to be enough. FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE. Fight on every front, and if you don't have enough time for that, at least don't discourage others from fighting in ways that you aren't.

--Emilie Rensink
http://www.march-against-monsanto <-- Official website for MAM