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yup he's an F'ng

coke head who loves seeing Iraqis getting blown up with DU rounds.

I actually thought he was being sarcastic.


suppose the clip could be from somewhere in AfPak region, though I believe it is from 'collateral murder' Wikileaks video. but not sure 100%...

either way, while I would NEVER advocate or promote it, the reality of the matter is, with most men, we all need to get our asses kicked, once in awhile, at least once in life, preferably in a controlled environment like MMA/martial arts, boxing ring, to realize that there will always be a bigger dog; one needs to learn one's own physical and mental limits, if we are to ever learn from them, and overcome them.

as the saying goes, adversity makes [REAL] men...

any man's man sees a douche like Roger, we all know we're looking at a pansy, cowardly rat piece of shiite, who has never, ever had his mettle tested.

these kids are a dime a dozen: forever 'precocious' 79 year olds. an overgrown moron, who says the most extreme shiite, just to get a rise out of someone, because that, is the only way he gives his life any meaning: by demeaning someone else. being a rude motherfcuker is simply his calling; the only thing he 'ridiculed' Dan BiDondi with, was his sweet Paisan accent.

Roger couldn't challenge Dan on any facts. Or, frankly even cared. Nicholson literally treated BiDondi as if in some crazy scenario where they, as complete strangers to each other, just happened to randomly bump into each other at the middle of a city sidewalk, and Roger suddenly simply starts screaming "why did you kill my dog? why! why! why!" and actually expects the Dan to 'defend not killing a dog' that he never killed!

I actually feel bad for our RI homboi gentle giant Dan BiDondi: I simply cannot stand pansy POS bullies, even if their target of ridicule is a giant who can snap an a-hole in half, but his sweet native disposition morally prevents him to.

world's full of delusional murderous a-holes, so what else is new. hope this Nicholson a-hole rots in hell, slow-roasted...could describe much worse, but Karma will be his judge.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul