Comment: Not sure if this matters but.....

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Not sure if this matters but.....

Ron Paul is in favor of the morning after pill.

I can't remember where I read it, but he did go into a very long explanation as to why he is in favor of this pill but is pro life.

This is not going to appease the life begins at conception hard liners.

I for one am against abortion, but am for this morning after pill.

I vaguely remember RP explaining that there were several ways this pill prevents pregnancy.

If anyone wants to correct me feel free to do so cause I may be wrong.

I recall him say that a fertilized egg goes through about 16 cellular changes on it way down the Fallopian tube before entering the uterus and actually becomes a fetus.

The morning after pill can prevent the the egg from ever being fertilized, or it can actually prevent the pregnancy. It all depends on how quickly the pill is taken after intercourse.

Ron stated that this pill works very similarly as the birth control pill. I will try to find his explanation. It was very in-depth. There is no doubt that this will prevent many abortions both early and late term. The abortion industry must be hating this.