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After reading through a couple of your posts

It seems to me that although you have a zeal you are in fact convicting yourself by your own words. You talk about the apostasy and then mix your own beliefs with Scriptural doctrine. That is call hypocrisy and makes you just as guilty.

Do you keep GODs Sabbath or do you rest on Sunday? Do you Hallow His Name or do you use a false name. Do you keep the Scriptural Holy Days or the pagan Christmas and Easter? Do you teach that sin is the transgression of the Law or do you make up your own sins?

You worship a false name (Jesus) on a false sabbath (Sunday) and transgress the Law in doing those things along with keeping worldly holidays, like those mentioned above, in violation of His Commandments. You make up sin when you say that using cannabis (made by GOD) is a sin.

There is no such place as "Hell" as depicted by main stream christian thinking. Hell is translated from at least three different words but is most commonly referring to the Pit of Fire where the wicked will be DESTROYED, not live forever in agony.

Self righteous Christians aka bad servants will be cast into OUTER DARKNESS "where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth." The question is where does HE draw the line between a bad servant and a wicked imposter. So if I were you I would rethink your self righteous ways before you convict yourself in the eyes of Yahweh and suffer the recompense of your hypocrisy.

Catholicism rules Christianity today because even the so called Protestants keep the false teachings of the Pope. It is time to come out of that false worship and return to true Scriptural teaching.