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Abortion is not a concept.

It is a medical procedure that kills a baby before it is born. When making abortion illegal is discussed, it is the doctor-performed abortion that is meant.
The history of abortion laws in the U.S. is based on the safety of the procedure for the woman. It was against the law because the woman was more likely to die from the abortion that delivering the baby.
After Roe Vs Wade, the focus shifted to the humanity of the fetus.
The question is whether the baby is a person that should be protected by the same laws that protect a child or adult after they are born.
Abortion is an act of aggression against the life of the baby.
If the baby is human, and it isn't anything else, then under the libertarian non-aggression principle, its rights need to be protected by law.
That law will not totally stop abortions is not an argument. Laws against other murders has not stopped murders. That some people get away with it is not an argument to make it or keep it legal.
Nobody is responsible for the circumstances of their conception. Claiming rape doesn't change the child's humanity. The right to protection against aggression remains.
If a woman's life is threatened by carrying the child to term, assuming that can be objectively be determined, then the woman's right to self-defense against the aggressing fetus takes precedence.
One doesn't have to appeal to religious faith to come to these conclusions. If one understands murder is an act of aggression and violates the libertarian non-aggression principle, the rest flows from determining it is impossible to objectively pinpoint when a fetus becomes a person endowed with inalienable rights.
Some libertarians conclude a fetus is not an individual, but the property of the mother until birth. Some conservatives like abortion because it means fewer minorities will be taking their government benefits. The two may agree abortion should be legal for very different reasons. Similarly, a libertarian may conclude based on the non-aggression principle, and a conservative on religious faith, that it should be illegal. I don't see abortion as an issue upon which libertarians and conservatives can become allies.

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