Comment: Why can we trust the government on this?

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Why can we trust the government on this?

Were those 15/16/17 year olds open about their sexual activities with their parents? Did any of them think it was OK to have sex at 15/16/17, or did they know what the4y were doing was wrong?

The problem I have with this is on several levels. What will this do to the human body later in life, any effects?

(Would you want heroin legal for 15 year olds?)

If those 15 year olds were living under their own roof, I wouldn't care what they did.. so my other problem is this is like the government telling 15 year olds it OK to have unprotected sex, yet, any fallout will be the burdon on the parents because now 15/16/17 year olds who live under their roof can say, "It's legal for me to do this and you can't stop me". YET.. the parent should have control in their iwn homes what goes on under their roofs.

I think RP was think this would be made legal and leave it up to OB-GYN and their patients to decide.. if that includes a parent and her 15 year old.. sobeit. But OTC?

If I was a sexual predetor I would LOVE this.