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There is nothing wrong with your tradition

of reading certain Scripture on certain days. That is not a tradition that usurps GODs Law. But the one you chose is very telling and in particular is verse 33 "But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil."

Do you hearken unto HIM or do you hearken unto the false christian teachings of this world? You will have to answer for yourself. I am just trying to point out the fallacy of main stream Christianity but I would venture to guess that you will not even entertain the thought that you could be wrong.

That is why pride is a deadly sin. Not because people will be punished for being proud but because pride keeps us from accepting or even entertaining the truth in favor of holding to the false traditions that are held so dear. It's called cause and effect and that is how many of Yahweh's ordinances work. Like telling someone not to put the tweezers in the electrical outlet, if they do then they only punish themselves.

I pray that you will someday come to accept Scriptural truth and reject the false teaching of the anti Christ. Daniel tells us that the "people of the prince to come" would destroy Jerusalem and they did. The Romans destroyed the city and the prince of darkness is taught out of Rome to this day. The False Christ. The usurper of the truth. For what it's worth.