Comment: People here still want to tell others what to do...

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People here still want to tell others what to do...

A drug has its restrictions removed and some here will complain about it. First off, if a drug manufacturer produces a drug and sells it on the open market, it should not need regulation by the government, including telling the drug store whether a doctor needs to prescribe, whether it should be behind the counter, etc.

Secondly, a free person should be able to purchase any drug in any convenient fashion, without the government's permission by proxy. If you are too stupid to read a drug warning label or to consult a doctor prior to taking a strong medication, then the consequences fall on the user.

Parents should be the ones to decide if their minor child can take the drug, not the government. Any parent who wants the government to decide what is best for their child might as well descend all the way down that slippery slope into forfeiture of said child to the government for them to raise.

No drug should require a prescription unless the manufacturer wants it that way.